Want to dream powerfully? Want to live passionately? Want to work purposefully?

Imagine waking up every single day of your life with a smile on your face…..but not just an ordinary smile, one of those 10 Million Megawatt kind of smiles that eclipses the sun. The kind of smile that knows your life is firing on all cylinders in every possible way. Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing your powerful, passionate, purposeful and abundant self beaming back at you. You love this guy! You’re a rockstar! You are a modern-day wild-man who has stepped into his power and is living life like a genius on fire!

You burst out your front door like you’re shot out of a cannon. Work isn’t work anymore – it’s energizing, it’s meaningful, it’s fun....it's fulfilling! You walk down the hallway like a magnetic force, leaving a wake of inspired, smiling faces. Yes, you’ve definitely got your mojo back. Big time. You’re the brightest light in any room. You’re doing what you love and loving what you do. Dare we say it?? You really are living the dream.

Don’t spend another day shying away from the greatness inside you! Together we can reclaim your Power, reignite your Passion, and rediscover your Purpose so that you can live the life you were born to live and do the work you were born to do!

Power. Passion. Purpose. These are the Three Pillars of the program I utilize to help you go from burnt-out to man-on-fire!

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Coaching Modalities

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Life Purpose

Feel like you're just going through the motions? Treading water? Are you merely surviving rather than thriving? Wondering what you were really put on this earth to do? Do you think about the legacy you want to leave in this world and the mark you want to make?

If you're feeling disenchanted, disillusioned, apathetic, disconnected and/or burnt-out, my Life Purpose program can bring clarity, meaning, joy and fulfillment to everything you do, not just your career. Re-energize your life, career and outlook from within! Reclaim your power, reignite your passion and rediscover your purpose so that you may share your amazing, unique gifts with the world.

Control your destiny! Be a difference-maker! Make an impact! Change the world!

Your Greatness is Waiting!

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Have your career intentions turned into endless project extensions and muscle tension? Are you literally dying to make a change but aren't quite sure what your next move looks like? Are your fears holding you back from betting on yourself and doing what your heart and soul are telling you to do? 

You are not alone! Many men experience this during their mid-career years. Use this impetus to make the change you want right now! Don't wake up 20 years from now with regrets, "what-ifs" and "I-should-haves"!

You can take back the reigns of your career and my Career Transition program will empower you to do so with confidence, financial stability and a renewed sense of power, passion and purpose!

Your New Career is Waiting!

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Are you seeing your work-load fatten, but your productivity flatten and your satisfaction straight-up flatline? Want that big promotion but need to work on your personal branding? Ready to take your skills, productivity, confidence, leadership and job satisfaction to the next level? Ready to play big, earn big and shine?

Let my 25 years of experience in the corporate entertainment world coupled with my coaching skills help you achieve your goals. 

Imagine increased productivity, higher revenue, enhanced leadership, better teamwork and wild success along with work/life balance, greater job satisfaction, more energy, more joy, more fun and more fulfillment. You can have it all!

Your Success is Waiting!

"Since working with Rick my clarity on my life's goal has never been sharper...He really pulled out of me a better part of myself."