Men's Issues and Mentoring Services

Men's issues and the modern masculine identity form the heart and soul of my work. I have found it is my calling to help today's men reconcile their masculine identity and traditional male archetypes with our modern world. The bottom line is that due to a large confluence of factors - societal, economic, technological, spiritual - mens' roles have changed drastically in the last century. More importantly, we no longer have the same sort of tribal, communal and social networks in place for men to support, guide, instruct, model, teach and initiate other men into manhood, romantic relationships, fatherhood, careers and a holistic sense of our duty and place in society at large. We need only look at the epidemic of mass-shootings, bullying, sexual harassment, abuse of power, dog-eat-dog corporate culture, etc., to see that, generally speaking, men are frustrated, misled and struggling to be "good men".

Masculinity, done right, is not toxic. In fact, it is a vibrant, conscious, empowering energy which seeks to build, enhance, love, and protect. Unfortunately, our American culture's narrow, conformist, violent, and macho version of masculinity is toxic. It is time for this to change. Masculine energy needs more healthy outlets in our modern world. We need positive role-models and healthy rituals for the initiation of young men into manhood. We, as men, need to be fully self-expressed human beings who are capable of sharing our feelings, supporting one another and expressing love. 

It is my goal to help foster just such an environment by offering hybrid mentoring/coaching services at a reduced rate to young men who are seeking guidance in their efforts to embrace traditional male archetypes in a manner that is constructive, empowering, fulfilling and uplifting. Our masculinity is a gift. Let us honor it. 

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